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I donĀ“t have much first-hand experience of MOOC`s or any other form of Open Education apart from that of the Open University. However, I have downloaded vodcasts from UTunes in the past, from MIT, but I have to say that I only watched them for a few minutes before switching off.

Back to Open Learning, I have thought about a Yahoo Site that I belong to which is part of an English Trainer organisations online presence. On this site, members occasionally share teaching ideas and answer questions about grammar etc. However I notice that many members are reluctant to share too much information as competition for work is fierce. Thus I think the idea of MOOCS etc. in the area of foreign language learning will be challenging to work with, as individuals and language schools rely solely on fees to exist with the present business model.

On the other hand, if new models came to the fore, whereby content was delivered freely, but with paid for end examinations for example (Waldrop and Mitchell, 2013)


Waldrop, M. Mitchell; Nature magazine (13 March 2013). “Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, Transform Higher Education and Science”. Scientific American.