Thinking about Sustainability

Wiley (2007) identified three sustainability models, which I have attempted to use to categorise the platforms below. This wasn´t an easy task as the platforms didn´t seem to easily fit Wiley`s model.

Change MOOC

This resource source appears to fit into the Rice Model, with collaborator coming together to produce resources available to use.

Coursera also appears to fit best into the Rice model, especially when you consider the number of specialised courses run by Rice University.

Coursera offers two models of training, one open to everyone and free, whilst also offering the opportunity to take part in specialised courses that offer the chance to receive certificates and complete a project with fees of between 150 dollars and 250 dollars. These are offered by various universities from the USA


This platform seems to offer bite sized resources that have been designed by individuals as well as by Jisc. I also found that they are now offering universities (Leeds University is the first ) the chance to offer access to courses as part of the futurelearn courses.

I am not really sure which of Wiley´s models Jorum follows, since it seems to be well funded thus coming under the MIT model and it appears to offer quite an extensive range of resources and access to other platforms as well.

Open Learn

As part of the Open University, open learn offers many taster courses to give people an idea of what is on offer through the Open University. I would say that Open Learn is a mixture of MIT and USU, since it certainly seems to have sufficient resources on a par with MIT OCW from the look of the website, however it doesn´t set out as its goal to offer the whole of its catalogue .


Wiley, 2007, On the Sustainability of  Open Educational Resource Initiatives in Higher Education



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